About us

About us

Boulos Developments is a real estate company that has been in the industry for over 3 decades. Our portfolio is diverse ranging from residential complexes, offices, shops, hotels, factories, and more. Spread throughout the country, we satisfy the constantly changing demands of the local market.

Mission & Vision

With over supply and a saturated number of players in the industry, here we are well aware that our clients are making a milestone decision with us, whether it is owning a house for the first time or starting a business. Therefore we emphasize on the importance of delivering our units with the utmost quality, efficiency, and in the timeliest fashion possible. 

Team Management

At Boulos Developments we focus on our sense of community. Our employees are highly driven people with several decades of experience with us. In addition, most of the executed work is completed in-house and not by people hired on a contractual basis. We believe that a good core results in superior buildings.